We're Community Makers In For The Long Game

From day one founder George Killian defined success by our ability to enhance the quality of people's lives, and the vitality of companies in our communities. We continue to follow that advice today; and rather than us telling you, we’ll let our communities do the talking.

How We Do It

01 Listen twice and speak once +
We strive to exceed expectations, and seek the win-wins through an open communication.
02 Do the right thing +
We recognize the value of relationships, respect, and the extra effort to get it done right.
03 Care for our communities +
We raise the bar for what and how we build, doing what’s right for our environment and community.
04 Lead and take initiative +
We believe in "making it better" in our pursuit to provide a unique, human connected outcome.
05 Building on relationships +
True relationships lead to prosperity over time through trust, execution, and mutual benefit.
06 Flexible and nimble +
We know how to get creative in order to keep things moving, and to find synergistic outcomes.
07 Grounded and authentic +
Our authenticity shines through in our buildings and our interactions with others.
08 Exude quality +
Our value is easily distinguished by our attention to detail and commitment to doing exceptional work.