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Robertson & Olson Construction

A Neighborhood Anchor

East Vancouver / West Camas has seen rapid growth in recent decades, but the pace of commercial development to serve the area’s new residents lagged. Riverstone Marketplace was created to anchor a large residential and commercial development, acting as a gateway to surrounding neighborhoods. Designed by local architects, the retail center reflects a true Pacific Northwest feel with locally milled exposed wood beams and stone from a nearby quarry.

Part of a 180-acre master planned development, Riverstone Marketplace is centrally located for multiple residential neighborhoods. We further improved access to this site by helping facilitate a new interchange that would create a connection to Highway 14. Through a public/private partnership, we identified the opportunity to realign a new road, granting right-of-way through the property to expedite the timeframe of this key project.

Riverstone Marketplace is a thriving retail hub, providing goods and services to meet the daily and weekly shopping needs of a demographic looking for a unique retail experience. The 112,000 square foot retail center is anchored by a QFC grocery store and is home to Roots, one of the first restaurants in SW Washington to showcase fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients.