Kelly Kozich

Real Estate Counsel and Director of Transactions

Real Estate Counsel and Director of Transactions

Growing up in Ohio and Florida, Kelly followed in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps by developing a love for three things: horses, the ocean, and real estate.

Prior to joining Killian Pacific, Kelly practiced real estate law in private practice, where she counseled clients on various aspects of their real estate transactions.  A buckeye at heart, Kelly received her law degree from The Ohio State University focusing on real estate and business law with the goal of someday joining a team that developed quality projects which enhance the lives of the people within them and the communities surrounding them.  Lucky for her, she found that team here.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys being a jack of all trade, master of none.  You can find her trail running, camping, attempting to surf, fishing, diving, and sunrise ski touring on Mount Hood, frequently with her four-pound dog in tow.